Temptations of a Generation

John 1:14

Hey guys, 

Over the next few weeks I will be sending out short devotions on topics that deeply affect your everyday life as well as your walk with Christ. This week (7 days worth) we will look at the topic of Temptations. 

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We've all heard the old cliche` "The devil made me do it!" This is an excuse that many people use to justify falling into temptation or losing control. While it is true that the enemy is roaming the earth seeking whom he may devour; it is also true that a Christ follower has the power of God living inside them. Is it wrong to be Tempted? Who is responsible when you give into the temptation or lose control? To answer the first question; NO, it is not wrong to be tempted. In fact, if you are not being tempted- your walk with Christ has probably gotten a little stale and off track. Further more, it is Satan's job to pursue every teenager with lust of the flesh, pride of life, and such temptations like these. To answer the second question; You! You are ultimately responsible for every action. Whether that action is self-control, or loosing control you are responsible for that action. 

So, what are your options during these times of temptation? RUN!!!! The Bible says that there is no temptation that God cannot enable you to handle or escape. You must make the commitment today- that you will guard yourself against these temptations, that WILL draw you away from God. Keep yourself out of situations and circumstances that are displeasing to God. Relationships should have a mutual understanding, that if you can't control yourself- stay in the light of those who can. 

Stay strong and keep watch over your heart. Pray for discernment to know when Satan is tempting you and build up your faith so your spirit will be  stronger than your flesh. 


  1. Thanks Shane! I really enjoyed reading this... something I may add, (particularly to the girls reading this, but also to the guys), I remember when I was in high school I'd write little love notes to Tim and he'd write them to me, too. We were the generation between the note writing and the texting, so there were some "love texts" too :)... I've kept several of the notes over the years and if he sends me an especially sweet text I'll keep it in my phone and look back at it occasionally when I want to reminisce or read again how much he loves me.

    I also remember how I was (and still am) so in love with him. I'd write it on my notebooks! (CC+TB) lol I wanted every aspect of the world (or my little world as I knew it) to know that I was in love and in a relationship with Tim Buchanan!

    Well, God has written us love notes, too. He wrote them all into a book called the Bible. So, we should proclaim our love for Him back by sharing that love with the world. And, if we ever need reminded of His love...it's right there for us to read it- over and over again.

    What does God want for us in a mate? He wants a mate for us...that's exactly it. Eve was made of Adam and they were one flesh. God's plan for marriage (and one of the best things that you get to do when you're married--have sex!) is based on understanding He has that one special person out there for us. And, as long as we are seeking God first, He will bring that person into our lives at the right time. Read Song of Songs and realize the love story of God. Then, you'll not want to settle for anything less than that!

  2. Candace,

    Great words. I have more specific devo's coming in the days ahead targeting girls and guys specifically. Your reply makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the posting.


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