Live. Laugh. Love.

Acts 2:42-47

© All rights reserved Photo by Domesticated Diva
Have you seen those "wall words" that people hand in their homes for decoration? One of the most common sets  is "Live. Love. Laugh." The idea behind those words is to live every moment, laugh every day, and love beyond words. What a nice sentiment. but can you imagine living this way? Or sharing life with a whole group of people who live this way? 

That's exactly what the earliest Christians did when they got together to form what is know as the early church. But they weren't just united by a sweet saying. They were radically changed by the very Spirit of God, and their lives overflowed with life, laughter, and love for each other. 

Today as you read about the early church, spend some time asking yourself, "Do I have relationships with other believers like that?" How does your church compare in theirs? What are some ways you can live, laugh, and love more deeply today? 

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