Are YOU a Disciple?

Photo By Marc

John 17: 1-26

Today's scripture is really interesting because it's Jesus' prayer for His followers and for all believers. Whenever you hear someone pray, you get an opportunity to really see what's on their heart, as they talk to God. This passage let's us see what was on Jesus' heart as He prayed for His followers. Here are a few things to consider as you read:

- How important to Jesus, is the unity of His followers?
- What is the purpose of getting all of His believers to work  together?

Jesus has given us the church as a place where we can join together and serve Him. It's also a place where He makes Himself known to us, so we can then make Him known to others. This week - weekend, make an effort to begin, restart, or continue worshipping and serving Jesus with those in your local church and youth group.

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