Obstacles to Obedience

Photo by: Comanche Company, 1-81 AR OSUT- Pictured Zach Butler
Obedience is a powerful action that can unleash God's glory in ways beyond our imagination. Yet obeying is often difficult because our desires are being put to the test. Sometimes we're afraid to do what He says, for fear of losing what is important to us. But choosing not to obey may actually cost us the very thing we desire most.

Three obstacles initially kept Naaman from following God's instructions--and almost kept him from a miraculous healing.

  1. Pride. As a high-ranking official, Naaman feared losing his dignity, were he to obey. Conversely, his servants had the wisdom to see how pride was robbing him of life. How often do we balk at doing what God says, from fear of looking foolish?
  2. Self-centered expectations. Naaman was furious when his very specific expec-tations weren't met. We, too, often get angry at the Lord when He doesn't comply with our demands. But if we really want His perfect will, we absolutely must "let Him" do things His way.
  3. Unbelief. Because Naaman's faith only extended to his vision of how he would be healed, he initially didn't see how obeying would cure his leprosy. It took the faith of his servants to help him see the truth: that obedience was key to unlocking God's answer to his greatest need.

The call to obey often uncovers strongholds from which the Lord wants to free us. When we choose to respond in faith, He reveals Himself in a new way to us that strengthens our trust in Him--because ultimately, our greatest need is to know Him better.

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