Service that is Beyond You!

Photo by Maurice Odhiambo
John 13:1-17

Service. Not the most fun word out there. It usually means work, so why do it? why volunteer to serve others? Well, there is precedent for it- Jesus did it. I have a saying for all of my students, so I want to pass it along to those who may be reading this today, "If Jesus did it, we should too". In today's reading, we are going to look at the example Jesus set for us by serving others. The photo to the right is a picture taken by a friend of mine Maurice Odhiambo of Mana International Ministries - i want to encourage you all to check them out.  

In this passage, two levels of service are demonstrated: 

1) Jesus engages in ministry He loves. He engages in ministry that He was created for- teaching and preaching to others.  (This is found in the chapters surrounding John 13, so it doesn't say this is exactly. In fact, it doesn't say it anywhere in John 13, because He and those on His ministry team [a.k.a disciples] are taking a break from ministry to relax and eat together.)
2) Jesus serves the people He is working with. It's finally time for a break, and Jesus chooses to serve His team during His downtime. 

Look for ways to serve God using your greatest passions. If you could create your ideal ministry in the church, what would you want to do? Would you sing on a worship team? Help teach kids? Perhaps something a bit outside the box and a bit more unorthodox like demonstrating a song through painting or drama? Whatever you do, try to do it with a group. This group that you serve with could become your closest friends, as you serve God together. If you are already serving in your church, what are some ways you can invest in those you serve alongside?  This video is a great worship song, as you reflect upon today's devo, spend some time in worship to help your focus shift from your needs to others! 

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