Highly Exhausted


You may be thinking, "that’s a pretty unusual title" but I want to explain the reasoning I chose Highly Exhausted and not Highly Exalted. God truly is highly exalted, above all other gods that may try to take His place or fill voids in our lives, however this title comes from a different approach.

Beginning Monday December 6th I began a fast that I have never partaken of in my life. For 3 days I fasted all three meals, as well as any by products that may have taken the edge off my hunger (except for a mint to satisfy the cruelness of a starved breath). Monday was a bit challenging not being able to eat breakfast; lunch came as a passing aggravating gnat, and supper was an incredible test as I ate from scripture while my family ate physically. I tried to justify reasons for not continuing the fast through Tuesday, however God's convictions pressed me onward.

As I teach and preach on fasting I explain that through fasting there is very little "boom revelations". What I mean by that is that through fasting and praying you are in a great dependency upon God for His strength as you relinquish your ability to strengthen yourself You carry burdens of your fellow brothers and sisters and continue to pursue intervention for them through prayer and supplication. Tuesday was a bit more difficult, but it was incredibly amazing. I felt impressed to dedicate my prayers that day for my fellow brother. He was to deliver His own fathers eulogy and needed great strength from God. I felt a since of Aaron and Moses brotherhood. As he delivered the message it was very humbling to hold his spiritual arms up as his spirit fought unwaveringly through the battle.

Earlier that morning (which I had decided early on - Tuesday was to be my last day of Fasting) I extracted a few dollars from our savings to pursue a transfer into another account. While knowing the balance before hand, I proceeded to request a printable balance- that is when God spoke! Our balance revealed at least a hundred dollars to the greater than what we had originally knew. As tears streamed my face and my voice quivered under the divine intervention and thanksgiving before God, the Holy Spirit spoke almost audibly into my heart and said "If you thinks that something, try me one more day" I quickly made up my mind to fast a third day.

On Wednesday it was especially difficult to fast. My hunger was so intense and overwhelming that my prayers throughout the entire day where for an intervening strength from God himself! Many Christians fast for blessings, or to persuade God's decision- but I am sorely convicted to fast for a selfish ambition for my own blessings. I am so greatly blessed and so undeserving of them that all that my sacrifice comes as a request for God to afflict me with the burdens and passions of others. My desires are in wanting God's desires. I continued throughout the entire day to seek the face of God, to pursue the will of my Father and intervene in prayer. I didn't receive a booming revelation or a supernatural vision as before, but the spiritual high that God placed me on was incredibly exhausting after being removed from that mountain of intervention.

It is my belief that God desires many others to fast and sacrifice on a grander scale, however our middle classed minds are so apprehensive to give up what we think we cannot afford. "How can I give more in tithes and offerings when I can barely pay my own bills" seems to be the on going excuses. What if we just tried God? Do we really trust Him to provide and not own understandings? God revealed the reason of my fast Wednesday night. I have been so burdened by giving more and wanting to help those in need, but I had no clue to what sacrificing really means. By giving up something that I crave daily and view as a great necessity in my life- God was able to show me what giving really means. I was physically deprived of my bodies natural need to eat, but found it so worth the fight to sacrifice. God is faithful to those who are faithful.


From the desk of Pastor Shane

Trunk-or-Treat went off without a hitch, but definitely with God. Our youth have put together a drama team, that is astounding to say the least, and have dedicated themselves to a new type of ministry. Last night 10/31/2010 was there first time presenting their new drama (which was also the first time ever the drama team has performed) "The Champion" by Carmen. These kids are inspirational and have been greatly inspired by God. To watch them grow and mature in their faith is such an honor and privilege and I am truly grateful to have been given this great opportunity to teach and lead them.

If you missed the message last night, it was entitled Ghost Hunting. There are many aspects of evil and attaching demonic forces that we as Christians have come to accept at the norm of our everyday life. When we finally realize that we must stand for God and His statutes it is then we will see God heal our land. (that's basically it in a nut shell)

We are going to be having a great time this weekend Nov 6 at our Firehouse starting at 7am for a yard sale. I hope you will all come out to support us and receive free coffee and refreshments.

In  Christ,

Pastor Shane


James 2: 14-26

Floods, Persecution Crisis Grows in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, August 16, 2010 - Christians here, who have been suffering a new a wave of terror from Islamic extremists and criminals, are now facing terrible flooding. They are desperately in need of more emergency help now. The Christians in many areas are under a virtual state of siege according to eye-witness reports from indigenous missionaries in Pakistan.

"The crisis aid we sent in July for survivors of the persecution in Faisalabad got through and is making a big difference," says the Christian Aid director for South Asia, but there are now many more needs in Pakistan. This is all made more urgent by the worst flooding in 80 years.

More than 1,500 people have died and 200,000 Christian families are among the 20 million affected by the disaster. Three million are homeless. The flooding began in the frontier regions of Peshawar, northwest Pakistan and across the border in Taliban-infested Afghanistan. However, they have now spread downward throughout the country.

Christian Aid Mission had established an emergency fund to help care for survivors after Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and his brother were murdered during a court appearance in Faisalabad, Pakistan last month. The brothers were brought to court under draconian blasphemy laws designed to persecute Christians and other minorities. Since then, the needs have expanded beyond persecution.

Those wishing to help the widows, orphans and other survivors of anti-Christian violence in Pakistan and the flood victims may give online or send contributions to Christian Aid Mission, Box 9037, Charlottesville, VA 22906. Gifts should be designated to fund code 470PERS.

"Native missionaries are grateful for the help we are sending but the needs are increasing every day - we must send more help," said the director.

Most of the central provinces have been flooded including the rich agricultural heartland of Punjab. Bridges are out everywhere downstream, and in some places, like the Swat Valley, all the bridges are gone! There is a growing fear that cholera will spread and the reconstruction will take years.

Meanwhile, there is still a need for ongoing relief to thousands of Christian families who were burned out of their homes and shops during the organized persecution campaigns that began last month.

After the murders of the Emmanuel brothers by masked gunmen, thousands of Muslims went on a rampage in the nearby Christian communities of Warispura and Daunagar. Automatic weapons fire and rioting continued for days and Christian lawyers say the police did nothing to stop the looting of Christian shops and homes.

Christian leaders begged Christian Aid to alert Christians in America and around the world to pray for them - and response is starting to arrive.

The Christian brothers were falsely accused of posting blasphemous posters at a local train station by the single witness of Khurram Shahzad, a Muslim man. The posters were later proven to be forgeries by police investigators.

The Emmanuel brothers had headed a non-profit organization called the United Ministries Pakistan located in the Warispura Christian community of Faisalabad.

Almost daily over the last month, threats of violence and physical attacks have occurred against Christian Pakistanis. Several other reports of killings and burnings have been documented from various parts of the country and in nearby Afghanistan since this current anti-Christian persecution began.

"We will continue to send help to both the flood victims and persecuted believers in Pakistan," said the Field Director for South Asia, "just as we have for many years."

Click here to help persecuted believers and flood victims in Pakistan.

Christian Aid Mission

email: insider@christianaid.org

phone: 800-977-5650


The Pathway of Faith

August 4, 2010

The Pathway of Faith

Faith is the foundation of our Christian lives. Hebrews 11:1 gives us the biblical definition of this term: "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (NIV).

True belief is more than something we express verbally; it is a pathway you and I follow. Throughout life, our heavenly Father takes us on a journey, allowing us to experience a real relationship with Him as we encounter each circumstance.

Today's passage illustrates that God has a purpose for everything we encounter. The Lord promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars visible in the sky. (Gen. 15:5). Then He directed His servant to obey several commands, such as moving from home. Abraham was not told the details of this plan.

We now know that he was the father of the Jewish nation, and his lineage included Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. Though the patriarch did not obey perfectly, he did step forward in faith, trusting in God's ultimate purpose.

We, too, can know with certainty that the Lord is weaving together a beautiful plan. He isn't obligated to explain His reasoning or reveal every detail. Instead, God shows us the next step (Ps. 119:105), and our job is to obey, even when it doesn't make sense.

If you want to know what God is doing in your life, obey Him. Often, you won't understand the intricacies of the plan, but you can trust the goodness of His heart. Rest assured that all He does is purposeful and for your benefit. So step forward in faith, and you will see His faithfulness.


Eternal Life

August 3, 2010
Eternal Life
John 3:16-18

Each of us faces the same dilemma. We have a sin debt that we owe to God but no way to pay for it. None of our solutions--living a moral life, being religious, or doing more good deeds—can take care of our problem.

God Himself has provided the solution--one that both satisfies His justice and grants us mercy. He sent His Son to pay the penalty we owed. Jesus was qualified to be our substitute because He never sinned (2 Cor. 5:21). He willingly took our place on the cross and experienced the full measure of the Lord's wrath against our sinfulness. In dying for us, Christ secured our salvation by paying the debt for all our past, present, and future sins. When we trust in Jesus and surrender our life to Him, He becomes our personal Savior and Lord.

The great tragedy is that many have heard the gospel and rejected it. Some are like the rich ruler who placed his trust in material possessions and turned his back on the truth. Others have refused to even listen. Another group is convinced they are heaven-bound, based on erroneous confidence in their own good deeds. Only those who have entered into a relationship with Jesus through faith in Him will be welcomed into heaven.

If you're wondering, How can I have eternal life? There is only one answer: through faith in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). We have an Enemy who actively seeks to blind people to the truth (2 Cor. 4:4). Pray that many who are separated from the Lord will trust in the Savior and gain everlasting life.


The Rich Young Ruler

August 2, 2010

The Rich Young Ruler
LUKE 18: 18-23

Three of the four gospels contain an account of the young man who asked Jesus a very important question: "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" (v. 18). A ruler with great wealth, he considered himself a moral man because he had kept God's commandments.

However, he was operating under the false assumption that good works bring salvation. He seemed to be asking Jesus what else he had to do to secure his place in heaven--besides all the good things he'd already accomplished.

This is what I refer to as the "great deception"--the false belief that eternal life can be earned through our own efforts. If we give credence to this lie, then we do not understand the problem of our sin and how it separates us from God. Scripture tells us that we have inherited a sinful nature from the first man (Rom. 5:12). Ever since that time, humanity has been in rebellion against the Lord and under His judgment. There is nothing we can do to pay for our sin. If this were the end of the story, we would be a people without hope for today or the future. But the good news is that the heavenly Father recognized our plight and mercifully provided the way to heaven (John 14:6).

When God made us in His image, He created us to live forever. So, though our earthly body will perish, our spirit will never die. The question about eternal life is important, as we'll spend eternity either with God in heaven or in an insufferable state, separated permanently from Him (Matt. 25:34, 41).

-Contributions from: Dr. Charles Stanley, Oswald Chambers, C.S. Lewis-


Denying the Power

July 26, 2010
Denying the Power
2 TIMOTHY 3: 1-9

Paul’s writings are an absolute necessity for the church today. Just as the letters were instructions to Timothy, is it also the instructions of our lives today. Often times, we overlook the stringent statutes of the Bible simply because we are only applying it to someone else’s life.

Believers have become spiteful in their hearts against other believers so much that God cannot use them. Paul expresses here that many will have the trimmings of a believer but nothing to show for it. (v.5) God is pressing the church for a revival throughout the land. Our nation and our people are in complete disarray over their futures and safety. Isn’t it about time that church rises up out of the ashes of its deception and “proper trimmings” and stop denying the power that God has for each of us?

A good brother in the faith preached a sermon last night on the “Forgotten Past”. The basis of his sermon covered the topic of Christians forgetting where they come from and become slack for God. He went on to say that if believer truly realized what God saved them from alter calls would never make it to the end of the service.

I want to encourage you to continue the fight. Being a believer is never an easy task, and what’s more being obedient. God has called each believer to a special purpose with one centralized goal- to glorify Him. If your heart has become cold over the years, pray and ask God to pour out His spirit upon you and revive your life.


A Call to Fast- 21 days

Friends and Family,

I pray this finds you all well. It is also my prayer that you would find great strength and encouragement to continue the fight for the Faith through this testimony.

I am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Last month on June 22, 2010 I woke up to dwell in God's word as I usually do. This morning, however was a bit different. As I begin to open and study the word the passage Isaiah 58:6 came to my heart. “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?” As I pondered and prayed heavily God began to deal with me that I should fast. So selfishly I thought, “I’ll fast today and God will move because Im obedient”. While this sounded like a good plan, this was not at all what God intended. Upon arriving to work I prayed through my hunger and ask God what and how He would have me to fast that it would bring Him and Him alone the Glory. (needless to say, be careful how you ask God what His will is) I opened my email and there staring me straight in the face was a letter that read fast for 21 days! 21 days? I thought, how could anyone do this, medically this just didn’t sound sane. But God quickly reminded me, that we are to be Christ like, in our actions, words, and everything we do- and if His son Jesus Christ did it, we should too.

I arrived home and revealed to Amanda what God has revealed to me, and she said- OK. That was confirmation. Usually when I feel like doing something and God has not confirmed with Amanda she is a bit apprehensive. I must add, that through this fast beside the almighty Father Himself, Amanda was extremely supportive and amazingly understanding!

Thursday July 22 was the completion of the Fast (I chose not to fast on the weekends) and through the entire period of fasting I have been overwhelmed and consumed by the peace and strength from God. I was a bit fearful though when a powerful out pouring of the Holy Ghost did not come during the fast or even on the last day. I thought, “did I miss something?” and God revealed to me that the cleansing process must be complete before the outpouring can begin. This is not to say that I did not feel God’s spirit and power moving- I did. Wednesday night I will be sharing the visions God has given me while on the Fast. This morning at 5:30am was a different story.

I was awakened to a preacher telling a story of “A Man called Norman” – while at first I wanted to hit snooze, the Holy Ghost compelled me to listen. And listen I did, with such intent and vigor. I held on the each passing word of the story of a friendship that was thought to help an unsaved friend, but really meant to open the spiritual blindness of the other. (I urge you to google or youtube “A Man Called Norman”) I began to weep almost uncontrollably as I listened, and prayed and studied God’s word. On the way to work, my tears along with the presence of God and the overwhelming passion of the Holy Ghost flowed more intently than they have in a while. Songs sounded more meaningful, the air smelled sweeter, and the world seemed like a “field white with harvest”. I know this has been a Fast that God has called me to and for that I am grateful. Through the past 2 years of my acceptance of God’s calling to preach, I have never been more consumed by the presence of God than I have through this Fast.

Isaiah 58:8- Then shall they light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be they reward.

God’s word tells us to fast in secret, because “whatever is done is secret shall be revealed in light” (Matthew 6: 17-18) I told only my wife of this Fast because I wanted unhindered, selfless acts of total submission to God. And that’s exactly what I found!


Revival: What is it and Why do we need it?

Revival is a seemingly old-fashioned word that conjures up numerous definitions, some of which have little to do with authentic revival, or "times of refreshing" sent from the Lord as described in Scripture. To aid in defining what I mean when I reference true, biblical revival I want to draw from one of the most important modern documents written on the topic, An Urgent Appeal—To Christian Leaders in America for Consensus and Collaboration on the Biblical Nature and Hope of Corporate Revival. The Appeal was drafted in 2003 with input from nearly 100 national Christian leaders who joined together for one purpose: "To urge all churches and all Christians of America to unite in seeking the face of God through prayer and fasting, persistently asking our Father to send revival to the church and spiritual awakening to our nation, so that Christ's Great Commission might be fulfilled worldwide in our generation" (National Revival Network, [NavPress: Colorado Springs, CO, 2003]).Included in the Appeal is the following definition by J. Edwin Orr that, I think, captures the biblical meaning of revival quite well: ----


The Blessing of Giving (repost)

Recently I came across a pt of mine that was enthused to say the least about my church and ministry. She had ask me one wed to place her on our prayer list and to please keep her in my prayers. I have tried to up hold this request to the best of my ability. Most recently, friday- she came in to my office and stated she wanted to give our youth ministry an offering. I politely accepted while reinstating that it was by no means implied that she offer a gift for our free service of upholding her in our prayers. She simply replied "I must be obedient" as she motioned upward. The amount of the offering is not important, what is important is that this lady had never met me nor knew nothing of me, my family, nor the ministry God has called to, but out of complete obedience she offered up this sacrifice. Praise God that people are still listening to the calling of God.

The Blessing of Giving

Recently I came across a pt of mine that was enthused to say the least about my church and ministry. She had ask me one wed to place her on our prayer list and to please keep her in my prayers. I have tried to up hold this request to the best of my ability. Most recently, friday- she came in to my office and stated she wanted to give our youth ministry an offering. I politely accepted while reinstating that it was by no means implied that she offer a gift for our free service of upholding her in our prayers. She simply replied "I must be obedient" as she motioned upward. The amount of the offering is not important, what is important is that this lady had never met me nor knew nothing of me, my family, nor the ministry God has called to, but out of complete obedience she offered up this sacrifice. Praise God that people are still listening to the calling of God.
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