Guest Post from Christine Caine: I Got What I Prayed For

I Got What I Prayed For

I woke up this morning to the mayhem of getting the girls ready for school, packing lunches, packing my suitcase, organizing my briefcase and messages, checking the weather report to decide what clothes and shoes to pack, cleaning the house, and putting away the laundry (which reminded me that the tops I wanted to take were still at the dry cleaner). I also needed to get another chapter of my book to the publisher, and was asked if I would mind doing an extra session at the conference. And then I read of the riots in Greece and thought about the safety and morale of the A21 team and the plight of the victims of human trafficking in that environment.

I was considering having a little overwhelmed, complaining moment, and then remembered....

There was a time I was not married and prayed I would be.

There was a time I had no children and prayed I would.

There was a time I did not have my own home to clean and prayed I would.

There was a time I had no invitations to speak anywhere and prayed I would.

There was a time I never spoke at a main session and prayed I would.

There was a time I only spoke locally and never had to fly anywhere and I prayed I would.

There was a time I could never afford a dry cleaner or a spare top and I prayed I would.

There was a time that no publishers were talking to me and I prayed they would.

There was a time we had no A21 team in Greece and I prayed we would.

There was a time we had no rescued victims and I prayed we would.

So instead of a meltdown, I prayed and thanked God for all that He had done in my life. The tensions I was now managing were a result of the prayers I had prayed, and with each answered prayer comes another dimension of responsibility and accountability. I smiled and prayed for the grace to not only get through today, but thrive and enjoy the journey. And I already am.

I even prayed for new opportunities to reach even more people...and I will have to remember that I got what I asked for when it happens. :)


Product of My Generation

 SeaScraper By Joel Tjintjelaar

A Product of My Generation 

Generational gaps have always been the problem child when relating young to old. Trying to relate a Baby Boomer to a Generation X or Y can be more complicated than it’s worth. Let’s take for instance the Baby boomer or the Baby boomer’s children. Among this generation we have, for the most part; simple technologies, maps, road signs, small scale schools and things of this nature. Many of those associated with the Baby Boomer generation are among the working class or retired. By working class I am referring to industrial jobs or non-college degreed jobs. As things began to rapidly change, there was quite a bit of resistance. Why so much resistance to this new era? Many people of the latter generation found their simplistic navigational lives disrupted by the new age technology generation; while Generation X and Y inhabitants welcomed the coming technology with open arms.

So what am I saying in all of that? I am simply saying that parents are no longer able to relate to their children. Why do parents have such a difficult time relating to their kids? In my observation, parents are so consumed with work and a million other obligations that they have found themselves playing taxi and babysitter more than being a parent. Parents of teenagers, if you’re facing a rebellious and disconnected teen- ask yourself- when did this start?

Many parents/ adults need not forget what being a teenager was like.  Life altering changes, both physically and socially are ever present in a maturing teen’s life. They need structure, and order not best friend typology from their parents. Always consider the source of a problem… in the case of your child/ teenager; you are the source.  Did that last sentence strike a nerve? I sincerely hope that you (parent/guardian) will begin to re-evaluate your approach as your kid’s parent. The old cliché: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This always makes me laugh. Most of the time this cliché comes from those that are blind to the reality of the problem.

I have heard older generations state that “kids these days don’t even know how to _____” (I’ll let you fill in the blank with what you’ve heard) How can we blame them (our maturing generation) for not being knowledgeable about certain aspects of life?  If they are never taught respect, modesty, or any other issue related to maturity; we can never voice our admonishment about this generational laziness.  

Don’t worry teenagers; you’re not out of the woods yet! Maturing adolescents, my word for you is BRIDGE! Stop complaining and viewing your life as a mistrial of court ordered penalties and start rising above the mire. In many cases it takes the maturing adolescent to spark a renewed fire and interest into their parents. Fire has an interesting characteristic in that it easily spreads. If you’re passionate about something or someone in your life; don’t keep your parents/ guardians in the dark. Expand your passion.

Your thoughts? 


The One Chance Parent

The One Chance Parent

What kind of parents are we becoming in this day and time? We place blame on our children and their generation with regards to crime, disrespect, etc. My question is this; does the apple really fall that far from the tree?

Let me explain. I have heard all my life the clichés:

  • Kids these days do not respect their elders”
  • Back in my day” – that’s my favorite one
  • I never would have been able to get away with that”
  • My kids will never…” – always enjoy hearing this one; def not prophetic though

There’s a laundry list of other clichés I could mention but for time and relevance I’ll stop here.  In my observation, I have found that most parents seem to be more concerned with being their kid’s friend rather than their parent. So if you’re among the few of us that actually want to be a parent, what are you teaching your children?  What are you doing to make an impact in their life?

Parents, my charge to you is that you rise up! Stop complaining about your children’s attitude to others. Parents, stop gossiping about your child’s lack of respect to everyone and their grandma! Dad and Mom, stop spreading your family’s business to every Dick and Jane that crosses your path. Parents… simply put 


We as parents are only allowed one chance to make a difference in our children’s frail and fragile lives. When we choose our tech devices over time spent at a pretend tea party or playing doctor with their teddy bear; what message are we sending?  Or, when we choose to have a guy’s night out or a girl’s get away what are we saying? We are most likely telling them, that they come 2nd and maybe even third place in our life. Now this is not to be associated with the seldom date night. This is nights upon nights spent away from their children. How do I know this to be true? I deal with youth weekly, which have felt abandoned by their parents. We as parents have a great privilege that many are not so fortunate to have. We GET TO BE parents.

Separated families have an especially hard time with this. They somehow have become accustomed to only being part-time parents.

One of God’s greatest blessings in life is the ability to bare and raise children. Stop taking it for granted.

When my daughter was just under a year old someone gave me a card that read “anyone can be a father, it takes someone truly special to be a dad” So I’ll ask you; are you a mother and father, or are you a dad and mom?   

Parents, you have the right and the OBLIGATION to speak into your child’s life. What you speak into that life is up to you. I challenge you to put away your own agenda, complicated life styles, devices, and friends and spend that time opening up to your son or daughter. Become a real parent; let them see that you’re flawed just like they are. Help your children understand your past. If you want your children to be real and open with you… you need to be real and open with them!

God Bless. 
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