Product of My Generation

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A Product of My Generation 

Generational gaps have always been the problem child when relating young to old. Trying to relate a Baby Boomer to a Generation X or Y can be more complicated than it’s worth. Let’s take for instance the Baby boomer or the Baby boomer’s children. Among this generation we have, for the most part; simple technologies, maps, road signs, small scale schools and things of this nature. Many of those associated with the Baby Boomer generation are among the working class or retired. By working class I am referring to industrial jobs or non-college degreed jobs. As things began to rapidly change, there was quite a bit of resistance. Why so much resistance to this new era? Many people of the latter generation found their simplistic navigational lives disrupted by the new age technology generation; while Generation X and Y inhabitants welcomed the coming technology with open arms.

So what am I saying in all of that? I am simply saying that parents are no longer able to relate to their children. Why do parents have such a difficult time relating to their kids? In my observation, parents are so consumed with work and a million other obligations that they have found themselves playing taxi and babysitter more than being a parent. Parents of teenagers, if you’re facing a rebellious and disconnected teen- ask yourself- when did this start?

Many parents/ adults need not forget what being a teenager was like.  Life altering changes, both physically and socially are ever present in a maturing teen’s life. They need structure, and order not best friend typology from their parents. Always consider the source of a problem… in the case of your child/ teenager; you are the source.  Did that last sentence strike a nerve? I sincerely hope that you (parent/guardian) will begin to re-evaluate your approach as your kid’s parent. The old cliché: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This always makes me laugh. Most of the time this cliché comes from those that are blind to the reality of the problem.

I have heard older generations state that “kids these days don’t even know how to _____” (I’ll let you fill in the blank with what you’ve heard) How can we blame them (our maturing generation) for not being knowledgeable about certain aspects of life?  If they are never taught respect, modesty, or any other issue related to maturity; we can never voice our admonishment about this generational laziness.  

Don’t worry teenagers; you’re not out of the woods yet! Maturing adolescents, my word for you is BRIDGE! Stop complaining and viewing your life as a mistrial of court ordered penalties and start rising above the mire. In many cases it takes the maturing adolescent to spark a renewed fire and interest into their parents. Fire has an interesting characteristic in that it easily spreads. If you’re passionate about something or someone in your life; don’t keep your parents/ guardians in the dark. Expand your passion.

Your thoughts? 

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