Photo by Gerald Patterson; Dec 1, 2007; Some rights reserved
Acts 8: 1-25

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the deal is with you wearing brand names? We pay a lot of money to wear a company's logo or name on our shirt or jeans, just so people will know how cool we are. But, we're essentially paying to advertise for that company! Somewhere along the way, people in marketing managed to completely blind us with their scheme's. But, in someways we had it coming to us. There is something in us that would prefer to buy what we want rather than get it the hard way. Take brand names. 

It's easier to try and buy the coolness and acceptance of our peers by wearing the right clothes than being vulnerable with them and developing personalities that shine through. Simon, the man you will reading about today, was so anxious to be a part and to have the attention he wanted, that he tried to buy spiritual gifts. 

After you read today's scripture, take a few moments to ask yourself if you've ever tried to "buy" your way into church? Make a commitment today to do the hard work of building relationships within the church instead of looking for a quick way to find acceptance. 

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