Sensitivity to His Manifestation

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Dejected leaders...

Oswald Chambers wrote in My Utmost for His Highest about Spiritual Dejection. At first glance my thoughts waivered on the relevance of this devotion to my own spiritual life. How could I be spiritually dejected? However, the conviction was incredibly strong. Many leaders tend to think of themselves more highly than they ought to. Thus, the result is an over active vocabulary and an underactive outreach. In fact, I have found out as a leader that I am no more qualified than the students I lead- the only difference is spiritual maturity and acceptance of the Holy Spirits guidance- spiritual discernment.

Wash whose feet…?

This morning, Amanda and I were discussing John 13: 1-17. Our discussion led to the relevance of Jesus washing His disciple’s feet.

-Was it only an example?
-What was Jesus actually showing them… that they should wash other’s feet too?

In all of this, we came to the resolution when Jesus explained, - "the master is not greater than his servant, nor is the servant greater than the master". Jesus was explaining the simple spirit of humility. No matter how big your following is; no matter how spiritual you may be or the amount of spiritual gifts you exercise- you are never greater than those you lead. This was Jesus’ great teaching to His disciples just before His last moments on earth. So, how does this discussion of washing feet connect with Spiritual Dejection?

It’s all because of me…!

I am quick to blame others for the cause of my rash affections. "They said this... or They did that…" Whether I am depressed, angry or any other outwardly distressed emotion- it is because I have allowed it. What’s more is the Holy Spirit provides copious amounts of restraint against such. Jesus was the ultimate example of a leader- obviously. He always retaliated with a more than appropriate tone and words that stopped the onslaught of hindrances but yet had a clear mind to teach His disciples. That is desire of my pursuit- TO BE LIKE CHRIST!


If we are not careful we will become numb to the Holy Spirit’s convictions. Becoming numb to such will only lead to hardened hearts and decreased sensitivity. Loosing sensitivity causes us to fall out of love with the Father due to our inability to clearly hear and see God’s direction. To sum this up, dejection is completely onset by our flesh superseding the Spirit.

What dejection have you dealt with lately? I’d love to hear and read your comments.

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