From the desk of Pastor Shane

Trunk-or-Treat went off without a hitch, but definitely with God. Our youth have put together a drama team, that is astounding to say the least, and have dedicated themselves to a new type of ministry. Last night 10/31/2010 was there first time presenting their new drama (which was also the first time ever the drama team has performed) "The Champion" by Carmen. These kids are inspirational and have been greatly inspired by God. To watch them grow and mature in their faith is such an honor and privilege and I am truly grateful to have been given this great opportunity to teach and lead them.

If you missed the message last night, it was entitled Ghost Hunting. There are many aspects of evil and attaching demonic forces that we as Christians have come to accept at the norm of our everyday life. When we finally realize that we must stand for God and His statutes it is then we will see God heal our land. (that's basically it in a nut shell)

We are going to be having a great time this weekend Nov 6 at our Firehouse starting at 7am for a yard sale. I hope you will all come out to support us and receive free coffee and refreshments.

In  Christ,

Pastor Shane
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