When We Are Lonely

 Hebrews 13:1-5

God created humanity for companionship with Himself and each other. He doesn't want people to suffer the emotional turmoil of loneliness. That’s why His Word contains pledges of His constant presence as well as instructions to prevent loneliness among church members.
Photo by: Shane Tarpley | Laguna Beach Retreat w/ Cov Life Students
The Lord stressed His unceasing presence because He knows our need for assurance, especially when we feel deserted or isolated. His vow never to forsake believers is found throughout the Bible: This comforting word was spoken to Joshua, the Israelites, and the disciples who were about to witness Jesus’ ascension (Joshua 1:5; Matthew 28:20). Some biblical saints picked up the theme in their writing as well. David often sought God’s solace (Psalms 25:16). And the apostle Paul preached that nothing compared with drawing close to Christ (Philippians 3:8). God wants every believer to trust implicitly that He is near.

The church is designed to meet our need for person-to-person connection. A spiritual body works much like a human body—parts are both independent and interdependent, each needing others in order to function well. We require support from our brothers and sisters in Christ. Knowing this, Paul admonished people to accept one another (Romans 15:7), bear each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), and avoid judging (Romans 14:13).
Loneliness can cripple a person emotionally and spiritually. Human beings are not designed to walk through this world alone. We are made for relationship, which God gladly supplies. Lest we forget that the Lord is near, He gave the Bible this consistent theme: I love you and I am with you always.
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