Spiritual Disposition

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Lately, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect upon my position of spirituality. I have asked myself several questions:

    1. Am I seeking God’s will for my life, or am I only seeking God’s blessings? 2. How is my attitude affecting or influencing others?  3. Are my students seeing me as a leader or a spiritual dead head?

    In all of the questions above, what conclusion have I come to- I AM NOT EVEN CLOSE! I am not even close to attaining my Father’s perfect will.

    Often times, Christians are overly distressed at the sound of "God’s Will". We tend to think that this is a far off galaxy like realm that is unattainable. This is when spirituality begins to decay. Often times, believers feel "if I can’t obtain God’s will I’ll make my own". We start to think of programs and ideas that will satisfy our spiritual decay- essentially filling the void of what we have stopped being sensitive to. I want this post to encourage all believers, that God’s perfect will for you life is not unattainable. It is very much achievable. In fact, God desires for His children to find His will for their lives. It is only through persistent pursuit of God’s will that His Kingdom will advance.

    Like many believers I have fought fleshly emotions to give up during strife. Unfortunately many believers have given in to the falsehood that disagreement from others means that you’re out of God’s will. Or, that dissimilarity means that you’re operating in the flesh- because everyone should be on board if its God’s will… right? WRONG!

    In my experience- disagreement from others (in many cases, not all)  confirms a direction, vision or idea. Jesus did not aim to please people or satisfy their desires- His goal was to complete God’s will for His life and that’s exactly what He did!

    Recently, God gave me a great vision of the church and the believers thereof. While praying for deeper sensitivity and spiritual discernment- The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of the church. A great awakening of visions and freshness will begin to expand across the congregation- but it will not come without growing pains! Medically speaking- growing pains are part of hyper growth. The church is seeking freshness from God, but there are many that are unwilling to welcome the expansion.

    Are you willing to accept rejection and dismemberment from others to pursue God’s will for your life? I raise this caution: It will cost you nothing because it is genuinely a great desire to pursue the Father’s will; but it will cost those that are unwilling to accept it a great deal. Jan 11 My Utmost for His Highest

    What questions do you have about pursuing God’s will? Do you know what God’s will is for your life? What questions to you ask yourself about your own spiritual position?

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