Attack of the Pharisee

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When I hear the word attack I automatically go into a fight or flight pattern. Spiritually speaking, attack has become a pattern of acceptance among Christians. So, what is it about being attacked by another Christian that makes it so much worse? In essence it’s a civil war! My definition of a Civil War is: fighting for the same army trying, and in some cases succeeding, to kill one another. Let’s keep it short and simple.

Anyone aspiring or pursuing leadership will face direct attack from another brother or sister in Christ.

While on earth Jesus had one main enemy, Satan, and several other enemies masquerading as spiritual leaders in the church. As a youth minister, I have faced adversity, hardship, downfalls, and the likes. However, nothing compares to the attack I receive from another self proclaimed "brother or sister" in Christ. While Jesus stood silent before His accusers during the last moments of His life, it was the moments spent clearing the Temple, rebuking the Pharisee, and rearranging the church order that claimed Jesus’ moments of fame. I have spent years training students in the gospel and raising leadership to hand the torch over to that have claimed my moments of attack.

During leadership, I have experienced attack only during times of great strive. When I have become complacent to the order of materialistic church the feathers remain soft and the envelope is stationary. But, when I receive a fresh spirit, vision or idea- the fan goes into hyper rotation and everything hits it. Old buried bones are dug up, issues from months ago are brought forward and anything I have ever wanted to do or accomplish is shot down- or at least attempted.

I call this, the Spirit of the Pharisee. Jesus called them a generation of vipers.  So, what is it about spiritual leadership or having a greater desire to serve God that welcomes these attacks? Satan cannot stand the advancement of God’s Kingdom and sadly- many in the complacent congregation allow Satan to use them to stifle the fresh visions.

Jesus stated that "a prophet has no honor in his own country" – simply stated, a leader that was once a student is not welcomed nor received in the place of their growing. Jesus often fled from the attacks, not because the attack was too strong, but because the people hearts were unwilling to accept Him or change.

When a congregation has stifled the growth and visions of the anointed, it is then that God will move the anointed into a deeper anointing!

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