Transitional Storms

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What is it about transition that shakes people up?  Is it uncertainty, new territory, or maybe just a level of comfort? In times of transition, we are all very uncertain about the new direction. Transition may come in the forms of moving into a new school, house, or church and this brings a sense of adaptation. How do you handle this new place?

As flesh carrying humans, we are constantly in a battle. Our flesh does not receive change as well as our spirit, especially when God moves us. We see in Genesis 12:1-5 that Abram (Abraham) was commanded to make a very tough decision. Abraham had to make a choice- stay or go. Of course, Abraham had the choice of whether he would be obedient or stay complacent. But, how differently would things look had he said no? How many of you could leave your entire family to obey God. From this viewpoint, looking at Abraham's decision we see it as an easy, no brainer decision because:

#1 We’re not the ones being commanded to leave everything behind and go. And.
#2 We know the outcome of the nation God raised up.

How would you react if God commissioned you to move from everything and everyone you have ever known, loved, and been comfortable around to head out to an unknown territory, unknown faces and very unfamiliar situations? Anytime you transition from one place to another, there are going to be storms. Often times it’s not until Jesus provides the miracle that we then realize His intervention. 

Jesus wants our faith to be strong before the storm and grow through the storm. We must always allow God to grow our faith however He chooses. What we always see as the right or best way is often not even close to what the Lord see’s. Though we may have trials during the waiting periods, God will move the mountain and there will be peace in the valley.

It takes faith that you have never had, to move where you have never been. What did the disciples not understand about this particular storm in Luke 8:22-25? Having faith in their current storm meant depending upon someone who seemed to be asleep even though their fear wanted to wake Him up. Jesus was setting up for His departure. The faith to obey and trust God, though He may seem to be silent during our trials, will elevate our faith beyond anything we could ever comprehend.

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