In Search of Wholeness

Photo by Nicole; copyright © 2012 Teen Diaries
John 4:7-30

Take an honest look at your life. Do you feel whole and complete, or is there the sense that something's missing? If you're aware of an emptiness, what are you using to try and fill that void? Is it relationships with family, friends, or a significant other? Or have you opted for fame, popularity or other achievements, hoping they will bring a sense of significance? Maybe you're using drugs, alcohol abuse, or some other  lustful activity to numb the void or to bring temporary comfort.

Jesus met a woman with just such an empty place in her soul. She was longing for love but had been repeatedly rejected. In those days, a man could divorce his wife simply because she displeased him in some shape form or fashion. The Samaritan woman had gone through this rejection five times and was now seeking to fill up her soul with a man who wasn't her husband- perhaps you may be able to relate.

She probably tried to cover up her emptiness so those around her wouldn't see her hurt, but when Jesus met her at the well and told her all that she had done, her days of hiding were over. She had finally found the only One who could bring wholeness to her life. Before YOU can fill the emptiness in YOUR soul, YOU, too, must let Christ's piercing gaze penetrate into the depths of your heart and reveal the root cause of your incompleteness.

We were created for God. ALL other pursuits are inadequate substitutes and will never bring the lasting satisfaction we are seeking. The devil has a way of pressuring us with Life and beating us down with the choices and pressures of that life. The constant strains and beatings, leave many of us empty and disillusioned. However, when we allow Christ unrestricted access to our hearts, He fills us up with His unfailing love and reaffirms our wholeness in Him!

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