Sanctified and Special

Photo by Shane Tarpley; Fire 12:29 Student Ministries

Do you feel special, or does a sense of insignificance hang over you like a cloud? Maybe it seems as if God has wonderful plans for some Christians and is effectively using them in amazing ways, but you're just an ordinary person living a mundane life. And you wonder, Why would He be interested in me?

The good news is that everyone is special in the Lord's eyes, and He has an awesome plan for each one of us. When we accept Christ as our Savior, He sets us apart for a very sacred purpose. We now belong to Him, and that means we're not here on this earth to live as we please. As God's children, we exist to bring glory and honor  to Him by becoming more and more like His Son in our character, conduct, and conversation. It's not a matter of following a list of rules, but of letting Christ live His life through us.

The Bible calls this sanctification. It is a process whereby the Lord continually changes His followers through the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit. I'm not saying that we'll become sinless, but the more we yield to the Spirit's leadership, the more we will find ourselves victorious over sin. As our old attitudes and habits are replaced with godly ones, we'll become useful servants in the household of God. 

Being special to the Lord has nothing to do with what kind of work you do or how intelligent or successful you are, It's based on whose you are. But are you living as if you belong to God? The wonderful plan He has for your life can be fully realized only when you walk in obedience to Him. 

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