The Blessing of Giving (repost)

Recently I came across a pt of mine that was enthused to say the least about my church and ministry. She had ask me one wed to place her on our prayer list and to please keep her in my prayers. I have tried to up hold this request to the best of my ability. Most recently, friday- she came in to my office and stated she wanted to give our youth ministry an offering. I politely accepted while reinstating that it was by no means implied that she offer a gift for our free service of upholding her in our prayers. She simply replied "I must be obedient" as she motioned upward. The amount of the offering is not important, what is important is that this lady had never met me nor knew nothing of me, my family, nor the ministry God has called to, but out of complete obedience she offered up this sacrifice. Praise God that people are still listening to the calling of God.

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